My name is Leah Wolfsong and I’m a performing and recording musician, based in the state of Maine in the USA. I enjoy sharing my unique style of folk/world music and my message of peace through my recordings and occasional live performances. My recorded music is presently receiving national and international distribution and my CD’s are available on line here or through Amazon.com. You can also find my CD’s at select fine gift and music stores nationwide.

My music is influenced by many years in contemporary music, playing rock ‘n Roll, folk and blues in lounges, resorts, functions, festivals and even on cruise ships, up and down the East coast and into the Midwest. Eventually life on the road became tiresome and the urge arose to settle down and create music that expressed my heart and soul. Leaving the band life behind I struck out with just my voice and a drum and sought to find my way to contribute to peace and healing in the world. Since then I’ve spent years playing my music in a wide variety of venues – festivals, concerts, gatherings, weddings, funerals, hospitals, hospice, on local access TV, in people’s living rooms . . . and over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many fine musicians and to be included on compilation CD’s with artists such as Layne Redmond (When the Drummers Were Women), Walkin’ Jim Stoltz (Musicians for Sustaining the Environment), and Brooke Medicine Eagle. My songs have been used on various documentary CD’s and included in songbook compilations. All in all, it’s a great deal of fun to write and perform music that feels very real to me and that I believe contributes to the kind of world I’d like to live in.

These days my husband Rei and I continue to play music together on a small scale, a festival here, a gathering there. And new songs are still writing themselves through me. We have a little “homestead” here – an organic garden, a root cellar, a couple of horses and a dog – a simple life. In 2009 I began to sense another career shift occurring in me. I began to feel very drawn to assisting people when they are experiencing conflict or when they need to have what they are imagining will be a difficult conversation. This yearning led me to deepen my study of Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg) and to train and become a professional mediator. Currently I work as a mediator and also co-facilitate trainings in nonviolent communication with my business partner/buddy, Peggy Smith who is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Peggy and I are particularly interested in cultivating and supporting needs-based consciousness within businesses, organizations and municipalities. To learn more about my mediation work please check out my website. You will see that for this work I use the name Leah Boyd. To learn more about my work with Peggy, please go to Clarity Services, LLC.

Lest there be any confusion, I am not Native American, as the name might seem to suggest. My intention is not to imply any tribal affiliation, but rather to describe my music, which is informed by my love and respect of wolves and the way they sing together in community.

When I look at the tapestry of my life so far with curiosity about the common threads, I find that music has been a constant. Since my first public performance at age 6 and onward through all the twists and turns of my flavorful life, music has always been there for me, sometimes as my port in a storm, often as a way to express what’s alive in me and to connect with others and always as a way to participate in the “something larger than myself” of which we’re all part. I am grateful!

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